Going further than merely a logo, branding defines who you are to your customer, the perception they have of your company and the opportunities you have to communicate that across multiple platforms. Our leading team of brand experts in Glasgow & Edinburgh will elevate your brand to the next level.

Defining 'brand'

It is not a logo.  Let's get that out the way first.  Brand is...bigger than that.  It is the gut feeling that someone has about your company and the acknowledgement that it's ultimately define by the individual, not the company or the board.


To quote a rather famous book on brand, "it's not what you think it is, it's what they think it is." This is absolutely true, and the job of us as a creative agency is to leverage the things available to us, fonts, colours, word, design to help shape and refine the publics opinion of your brand.


Below you'll see a few snippets of brands we've helped define and shape with the ultimate aim of portraying the right image for our clients industry or niche.  Whether that be playing to emotions or creating a sense of identity, we build trust with the consumer and differentiate from the competition.

branded website to be in line with the brand image
Making a start on a branding project by sketching onto a notepad.

We help you brand

Whether you are a start up or an already established company undertaking a rebranding process, we approach it with three simple questions.


Who are you?

What do you do?

Why should we care?


Three short questions that begin rather boringly simple but quickly become rather tricky, these help focus both us and you on the task at hand.  By the end of the process we're going to know exactly why we should care and how we're going to convey that to your consumer.


Our branding work will not just help define your company going forward, we also give you the tools to deploy that across any space in which you operate, from business cards and letter heads to brand designs fitted to different social spaces like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram and clear guidelines on how to consistently apply your new brand in whatever you do.